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DIY Herbal Recipe for Natural Hair Dye & Deep Conditioning

If you want to cover gray hair that's nourishing or simply enjoy a different hair color for fun,

Here's a 100% natural plant based alternative way to do it easily, reasonably and beautifully at home.

It is a bit of time consuming process(the leave-on time is at least 2 hours).

But you can do all the other errands at home while waiting for the color to process.

Time passes so quickly. The result is worth the wait.

Your hair will wake up healthy and luscious again and in the long run, become more fuller because it promotes hair regrowth and the gray hair turn darker from the roots over the time because of the herbal ingredient that naturally stains from the roots of hair. Your scalp will be relaxed and breath well again thanks to the nature's gift of botanical remedy.

The only thing is that you can't really be picky on the color.

Henna has been used for Ayurvedic beauty for thousands of years, nourishes and deep condition and naturally stains the hair in a copper red, can be deeper or lighter depending on how well it's processed.

Here I'm introducing a recipe that produces relatively darker red so more like auburn or dark red-ish brown. Under the sun, it looks more saturated and could look as it's on fire. lol.

Gray or Blonde hairs will be more bright red and naturally dark hairs will remain dark with a touch of red shade. So they create high-light effect if your hair have some gray or light color streaks.

You can do another process after this with Indigo powder alone to create dark brown dye if that's what you'd prefer.

I personally enjoy the high-light effect of my gray hair.

So, if your hair starts falling excessively or feeling dry and brittle after years of dying, but you still want to cover your gray hair, Now may be the time to switch to All natural hair dye!!

All the ingredients can be purchased on Amazon.

You can find pre-mix Henna for different shades of color, but I recommend 100% pure henna by itself for the true benefit of botanical beauty.

< Ingredients>

Henna powder 100% organic 5 TBS

Amla powder 100% organic 2 TBS

Apple Cider Vinegar(100% organic, non-filtered) 1 TBS

Bhringaraj powder 100% organic 2 TBS

A pinch of salt


A mix bowl and a spoon (non metal)

A hair coloring brush/combs

Head cover, wrap, head band, etc.

Non-silicon gloves

An applicator bottle


1) Prepare the mix of Dry Henna / Amla / Salt in a bowl.

2) Pour warm water to cover and stir until it becomes a creamy paste(not too thick). Henna grows little thicker as you add water. Cover up the mix with enough warm water and blend fast rather than adding water little by little to avoid making thick lumps.

3) Add ACV and stir.

4) Wrap the bowl and Leave it for a over night or two.

5) Pre-wash your hair and dry. No conditioner, just shampoo. Wet-hair doesn't absorb the herbs as good. If you want to just touch up the roots, wait at least till the roots area are dry.

6) Add Bhringaraj to the mix and put the blend in an applicator bottle.

7) Make sure to wear gloves, it will dye your hands in red, too.

8) Apply the mix on the roots of the hairs. You can do do a little head massage or scalp massage after application. Henna and the herbs are all great nutrients for healthy scalp, no harm to health, all natural.

9) Wrap the hair with head band or hair wrap.Stick tissue paper around the hair line to avoid dripping. Leave on for 2-3 hours.

10) Rinse well. Shampoo and Conditioner. Done!

If there’s left over, you can store it in freezer.

*** Herbs don't always mean gentle to all, it can be irritable for some, and some people develop allergic reactions. If you start feeling itching or discomfort, hop in the shower and rinse off immediately. It is generally safe for sensitive skin, but should be avoided during menstrual period if you’re prone to have allergic reaction.



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